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4 benefits of Alpaca wool

Alpaca wool is considered one of the best materials used for clothing. Fibers are gathered from Alpaca animal which resembles sheep and lives in the high Andes in Peru, Bolivia and Chile. Alpaca has to survive the extremly cold winters. Material is used for simple inexpensive clothing as well as for luxirous clothing like suits. Alapaca properties are much better than any other materials.

Alpaca fibers will keep you warm

Want to be warm in winter and cool in summer? Alpaca certainly does the job. Alpaca fibers absord air into air pockets which serve as insulation and keep you warm in cold winter. In summer time air pockets do the opposite task. They keep you cool. You could say it is all weather material and ideal choice for winter and summer.

Extremly lightweight

Alpaca wool wouldn’t be so popular if it wasn’t extremly light. Because of its light weight fibers are used almost everywhere. You will find this material used in sport clothing as well as ordinary day clothing. They are also ideals for any kind of sports, because you wouldn’t want to carry too much right?

Odour free

Alpaca has anti-microbal properties, so your clother won’t have odor. Your clothes will remain fresh. Alpaca fibers won’t absord moisture, so your clothes won’t be soaking wet when you are done with your sport activities.

Texture and durability

Alpaca has a special feel to it. Alapca fibers are one of the best fibers used for clothing. If you think for a moment Alapca lives in the high Andes, where winters can be harsh and summer sun can be very dangerous because of the high altitude. Material offers best protection in both extremes. Alapca fibers are also seven times stronger then any other fibers.

Products made from Alpaca wool

There are variety of items you can choose which are made from alpaca. You can choose from different products made from alpaca material like alpaca wool socks, alpaca wool blankets, alpaca wool sweaters,.. If you are still cold don’t forget to check out heated jacket┬áto keep your upper body warm.