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Firstgear Heated Socks

One of the many challenges that prevent most motorcyclists from enjoying their rides is cold from wind and spray harassing their feet. The good news is that there are some innovators that have come up with a solution to counter this problem that has been every motorcyclist’s nightmare.

First gear heated socks


The Firstgear Heated Socks, for instance, are specifically designed to supply heat for the toes and keep the feet warm where they get cold. I have had the chance to use these heated socks and the following are the aspects about the socks that I find to be noteworthy:


  • Seamless toe
  • Non-binding top
  • Fitted heel that allows the heel to fit where it belongs
  • Soft, thin, and comfortable technical fabric that wicks moisture
  • Flat heat technology
  • 9 watts of heat in both socks at 12.8 volts

I noted that these special socks require a separate battery pack in order for them to work as they are supposed to. You will need to get a heat controller to control the heat setting. You can use one of the following heat controllers:

  • Remote Single Heat-Troller
  • Dual Portable Heat-Troller
  • Dual Semi-Mounted Heat-Troller
  • Dual Mounted Heat-Troller (designed for one person to variably control heat separately to multiple garments)
  • Single Portable Heat-Troller (modified to variably control heat output of one or multiple connected garments)
  • Single Remote Control Heat-Troller Kit (includes battery harness, remote and receiver)
  • Single Semi-Mounted Heat-Troller (modified to variably control heat output of multiple connected garments on a person such as a pants liner and jacket)
  • Single Mounted Heat-Troller (modified to variably control heat output of multiple connected garments)

These heat controllers are sold separately.

The Good

One of the good things about these heated socks is that they are available in 5 different sizes. This means that different people can find something available for them to wear.

Another good thing about these heated socks is that they are made from micro fleece, a technical fabric that is soft, thin and non-bulky. This makes them very comfortable to wear.  The latest in flat heat technology is incorporated to ensure that the feet are kept warm in the entire duration that the socks are worn.

Before wearing the firstgear heated socks, I anticipated to feel the wires once I put the socks on. To my surprise, I couldn’t feel the wires even after putting my boots on.

The Bad

The heated socks only provide heat for the top of toes only. This means that there is no heat on the bottom side of the feet, which some users find to be a bit disadvantageous.

Another disadvantage is that the socks don’t come with a battery pack of their own, which means that you have to acquire one separately. Without the battery pack, then the socks will be just like any other pair socks.

Bottom Line

Just as with any product out there, the Firstgear Heated Socks have a share of benefits and limitations. Nevertheless, they still manage to fulfill the purpose in which they are intended for, which is to keep the toes warm.