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Heated Socks

Although winter is often associated with celebrations of Christmas such as making snow angels, building snowmen, riding the snowmobile, skiing and hiking, you also have to worry about having cold feet and that is why you need battery heated socks to help you keep warm. When you constantly have to deal with cold feet during the winter months, it may result in you developing fevers, colds, and coughs, particularly in the younger children who enjoy spending most of their time outdoors.

Why use battery heated socks?

Heated socks are your best solution to keeping your feet cozy and warm, in addition to helping to prevent you from developing a cough or catching a cold.

Heated socks are worn and loved by everyone, from children and older folks who enjoying staying indoors to those persons who engage in various winter sports. The socks are battery operated, and are capable of producing heat for approximately six hours; furthermore, they are much more effective than the standard woolen socks.

What are they made of?

Battery heated socks are made from a blend of fabrics like Lycra or cotton or polyester. These fabrics are of high quality, and they are also thick enough to keep the heat trapped inside. The toes and the heels of the socks are reinforced using additional fabric, in order to prevent them from wearing out easily. The cuffs of the battery heated socks are fitted with a battery pack, and this battery pack is the source of power that generates the heat for the socks. Generally, ‘D-cell’ batteries are used for the socks; however, there are some brands that require other types of batteries. The battery is equipped with wires that run into the toe area, which are the generators of the heats. The heat is then evenly spread throughout the remainder of the socks.

How do electric socks work?

The heat that is generated in the eletric socks is a gentle and steady heat; however, after some time it may become stifling. If the heat becomes unbearable, you should remove the batteries from the socks, since most of them are not equipped with heat regulators. There are a number of persons who prefer to use heated socks rather than regular socks, because these special socks are warmer and last a lot longer.

Different types

Some of the designs of the rechargeable eletric socks operate by Lithium battery packs that you can recharge, and that also can be worn on your belt or in your pocket. Therefore, you will not have to worry about wearing socks that sag because of the battery’s weight. The power that is produced by the Lithium battery pack lasts a lot longer, and because they are rechargeable there is no expense of having to constantly replace the batteries. This is another reason many persons prefer wearing eletric socks.

There are also other types of eletric socks that are specifically designed only to be worn indoors, and they are plugged into the wall outlet. Even though they do not allow you the freedom associated with other types of heated socks, they come in very handy when you are working around your desk, watching television, reading, or engaging in any other type of indoor activity that does not require you to move around a lot.

For every occasion

Battery powered heated socks are also a great accessory for winter sports; furthermore, they are available in various lengths, therefore you will be able to find a pair that is suitable for the sport that you will be participating in. For instance, if you play ski hockey, you will need socks that do not get in the way of you wearing your ski boots; on the other hand, you will need shorter socks if you will be wearing them on a hike. You can use heated slippers with these socks to provide extra warmth. Heated electric socks are also very easy to take care, as all that you need to do to make them look new and fresh again is to hand wash them and allow them to air dry. If you would rather have ordinary wool socks don’t miss alpaca wool socks.