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Hot hands foot warmers

The outdoors might be ruthless especially in the cold weather. When the cold becomes unbearable the feet seems to be on the receiving end of the chilly mornings and the abnormally cold afternoons. With the foot warmers you can be sure that chilly weather won’t take prisoners with your feet, figuratively speaking. In reality this is a piece of innovation that is easy to use and offer more warmth in practicality that it would be hard not to fall in love with them.

Hot hands foot warmers

They are really amazing with up to 8 hours of consistent warmth. And that is not the best part yet since you can actually take the foot warmers for a game of golf or even fishing. So what makes these foot warmers special?


  • Offer consistent warmth that lasts for up to 8 hours.
  • Designed to protect the feet from chill and they can be used anywhere.
  • Are self adhesive, thin and discreet.
  • Are easy to use and warm up very quickly.
  • Provide safe, natural heat
  • Air-activated

What’s to like

The good thing about the hot hands foot warmers is that they can be used anywhere and will offer you a great deal of protection from chill anywhere. They have also been designed for the sports lovers meaning that all sport lovers can be able to enjoy their sporting activities without worrying about the chill. In addition they come ready to use, warm quickly and they will offer up to 8 hours of consistent warmth.
They come in one pair per package on purchase. There have been so much emphasis on the sporting activities and it is with good reasons since the longer hours being offered by the warmers are just ideal for such a situation.


Needless to say the pack is great for a myriad of sporting activities from skiing to golfing. It is the element of warmth; everywhere every time that gives these warmers an edge in keeping you comfortable for a considerable amount of time.
There is no doubt that the foot warmers have been designed for the outdoors activities such as hiking, gardening, sport watching or simply keeping your feet warm while at the outdoors. But that does mean they are not ideal for the indoors, in fact they will offer the same capabilities with an added touch of warm feeling while in the indoors.

What’s not to like

They can only be used once and they come as one pair per package.


The foot warmers offer exactly what is indicated on the pack and they will keep you warm for longer periods up to 8 hours long. In fact they can offer much relief in the cold nights and in the outdoors during winter. I guess one has to buy them in order to believe that they actually work. If foot warmers aren’t you thing learn more about thermal socks.